I'm not hereto define whatLGBTIQ Roma areor what it looks like

The lived experiences and images of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) Roma remain invisible to many people, Roma and non-Roma alike. Simultaneously, LGBTIQ Roma are the subject of a plethora of anti-Romani, homo/transphobic and other stereotypes. By showcasing photographs produced by LGBTIQ Roma visual activists and artists as part of this research project, the exhibition not only offers an insight into the lives of LGBTIQ Roma. It also seeks to demonstrate to various audiences ways of challenging stereotypes, as well as how LGBTIQ Roma wish to be represented.

As part of the exhibition opening, visitors had the opportunity to watch the British premiere of a short film, entitled “We, Queer Roma: Valencia” (QRTV Europa/Samuel Sebastian) introducing Spanish LGBTIQ Roma activists Demetrio Gómez, Rosa María Quiroga Ramírez.

The exhibition is part of Dr Lucie Fremlova‘s ESRC-funded postdoctoral project “Challenging dominant representations of LGBTIQ Roma in public spaces through queer-research informed interventions.” She has been conducting the research at the University of Portsmouth (mentored by Dr Annabel Tremlett) and the University of Brighton (mentored by Dr Olu Jenzen) as part of the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership. The exhibition is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the annual ESRC Festival of Social Science on 2-9 November, 2019. Funding for the production of the photographs came from The Open Society Foundations.